May 28, 2009

playing with – nice, but is it what social networking is about?


July 13, 2008

Testing my new account!

Social Networking Guide

April 17, 2008

Is social networking the same thing as internet marketing?

Social Network

I don’t believe so, though many people that you meet on some sites believe that it is!

Networking may help your marketing efforts, but there are differences, and if you fail to note those differences, then you could be headed for trouble.

Click to go to my Social Networking guide for more!

Remember, building a large list of contacts and friends and then going and destroying it all by not following protocols, or by going against the terms of service is just plain silly.

Treating The Dying With Dignity

April 17, 2008

With all the heated debate about euthanasia and suicide it is easy to forget that we are dealing with humanity here! While I struggle with the question myself, partly because of the desire to keep loved ones here, partly because of my religious convictions, there is an awful lot that can be done to make things easier for terminally ill patients and their families.

Support can come via counseling, palliative care and respite care, as well as financial assistance!

How much money do family members save the system by being full time carers? What can you and I do to help?

I'm asking questions, and hoping to come up with answers!

Dealing With Spam On Facebook

November 15, 2007

‘Sweetheart, the last time you did this…’ began the message.

Intrigued, I clicked on it and found that some one on Facebook had messaged a number of friends, including me, and I was actually reading a reply.

What the lady was saying, in a very nice way, was that the guy was causing a pain in everyone’s posterior, and that as a result, she was going to delete him from her friends’ list.

And it is a pain, because every time there’s a reply, the whole group receives it.

When people misuse the system, it creates a lot of bad feeling.

This bad feeling can lead to people complaining, and the offender losing their account over it. At the very least, it can lead to the offender losing their friends, as in this case.

It would probably be a good thing for all of us to take the same action I guess, but then if he’s done it before to this group, then he is probably doing it to others as well.

I doubt whether I will see him on Facebook for much longer.

It always makes me wonder why anyone would make the effort to build a network of friends, and then run the risk of destroying it in the hope of making a few quick bucks.

I have written more about this on Coffee With Allan…

What I Really Hate About Myspace!

November 14, 2007

Myspace, Bebo and Facebook, and many similar sites, are revolutionary, in that they’re changing the way that we see the world.

I think that it’s really fantastic that we can communicate with others from around the world, and Most of us can only wonder at what is over the horizon with web technology in the near future.

While the title might lead people to think that I’m having a rant about privacy issues and other concerns with social media sites, and those concerns are merited, this post concerns some members of these sites.

My main bug bear is with people who are not open about who they are. While I can understand the desire of some to use an avatar or picture in place of their photograph, it really bugs me when this is coupled with a pseudonym, or false name.

These sites are about networking and getting to know others.

Using a false identity puts the other party at a disadvantage, because while they know nothing of who the other person is, the person using a false identity can find all sorts of information,

Personal privacy on line needs to be jealously guarded, not just in regard to information given to websites, but individuals as well!

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